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Watch Anastasia Luna’s New Music Video For Hourglass

Out lesbian singer Anastasia Luna is working to make a name for herself in the tough world of metal rock

Image: Supplied

Watch the music video for 27-year-old out lesbian rock singer Anastasia Luna’s new single Hourglass.

The song is true to the classically trained singer’s style – it merges different styles of music and dance into something like a collision between rock and EDM (electro dance music).

New York-based Luna grew up in Russia, the daughter of an opera singer who also had his own rock band.

She spent her childhood training in ballet and classical music. "I was singing arias during the day and listening to rock music at night, there were just so many similarities between these two styles,” she explained to me.

Luna moved to New York at the age 17, intent on continuing her classical singing training. It was there that she finally had the chance to go to concerts and watch her favourite rock legends perform live, and her interest in being a rock singer solidified.

Luna says her classical training is an advantage in the rock world, because “metal music is basically sped up classical music, that's why my classical music teachers always used to say that the best guitar players and drummers are in metal and rock.”

Out lesbian metal rock singer Anastasia Luna on stage

Image: Supplied

Luna wrote Hourglass at a time when she was “super frustrated with music, life, relationships etc” and the piece is very dark and aggressive.

“The song is about trying to break free from whatever is holding you back, as artists we constantly trying to chase that perfection, trying to reach that ultimate goal in life…”

The music video was shot in a church overnight, “so it was very spooky, no sunlight, no windows.” It features Luna and a demon, which represents the darkness inside her and the fight to break free.

Carving out a place for herself in the music industry is a tough slog for Luna, who is determined to be true to herself and build a career on her own terms.

“Being a woman in the metal world is already challenging, being a gay woman in the metal world is almost unheard of, but I've never really been in a ‘closet,’ so I'm not interested in hiding my sexuality,” she says.

Whilst the music industry can be a rough place, living in New York for over a decade has insulated Luna from the anti-LGBT hate back home in Russia.

“I'm out in Russia, but I've been in New York for over a decade so I'm a bit out of touch with what people think of me there. Russia is a very homophobic country unfortunately, but I consider myself Russian as much as I consider myself American. So as far as feeling discriminated against, I’m not really interested in listening to negativity from people I've never met, I want to use all my energy on doing music.”

Luna’s next single is Don't Go Away, which you can listen to on Soundcloud.

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