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Lily James Marries Alicia Vikander In One Red Nose Day And A Wedding

Lily James marries Alicia Vikander in the Four Weddings And A Funeral sequel for Red Nose Day

Screenshot Comic Relief/BBC

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. And Richard Curtis delivered 14 minutes worth on Friday March 15th, with One Red Nose Day and a Wedding airing on BBC1 as part of the Comic Relief 2019 Red Nose Day fundraiser.

The 14-minute film is a sequel to the 1994 movie Four Weddings And A Funeral and was written by Curtis, who wrote the original film and directed by Mike Newell, who directed Four Weddings And A Funeral.

24 of the movie’s characters returned for the wedding of Hugh Grant and Andie Macdowell’s daughter Miranda to her true love – the daughter of Fiona (Dame Kristin Scott Thomas).

The returning cast for Four Weddings And A Funeral sequel One Red Nose Day And A Wedding

The returning cast for Four Weddings And A Funeral sequel One Red Nose Day And A Wedding

Movie stars Lily James and Alicia Vikander played the adorable brides. Rowan Atkinson fluffed his way through the wedding ceremony as the still incompetent Father Gerald who is completely bewildered by same-sex marriage.

Rowan Atkinson as the bumbling Father Gerald who can't rap his head around same-sex marriage

Screenshot Comic Relief/BBC

Nicola Walker returned as the “Annoying Girl Singing Annoying Song by Barry Manilow”, this time joined by superstar Sam Smith.

Matthew (John Hannah) brought his hot new husband and did a reading taken from an Ed Sheeran song. Tom and Duckface attended, as did Bernard and Lydia with their many children.

The story goes that the brides grew up together – Charles and Fiona being best friends for the past 25 years. Their parents took them on a lot of “dodgy holidays” and the girls attended the same school. One day they held hands and their feelings changed. The next day they kissed and their lives changed forever.

Of course, Charles left his father-of-the-bride speech in his other suit and blathered and stammered on until his brother, David, intervened. David then helped craft a moving tribute to Charles’ beloved daughter and his loving partner of 25 years, Carrie.

Hugh Grant gives his father-of-the-bride speech in One Red Nose Day And A Wedding

Screenshot Comic Relief/BBC

As Richard Curtis told Radio Times:

“It’s both hard and easy to believe it’s 25 years since we made Four Weddings and a Funeral…But easy to believe it’s been that long as one look at Hugh Grant’s old face shows the passing of a lot of years.”

“And why do we do it? Well, I guess it is all about weddings and funerals, too. For kids to grow up to be happy adults who can marry people they love. And for children and adults to live full lives – not to have a world of funerals that could and should be avoided…”

One Red Nose Day And A Wedding is available on BBC iviewer and is scheduled to screen in the USA in May.

Lily James and Alicia Vikander at the altar in One Red Nose Day and a Wedding

Screenshot Comic Relief/BBC

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