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The Bold Type's Ground Breaking Oral Sex Conversation

June 19, 2018

 Screenshot The Bold Type Freeform YouTube


There comes a time in every lesbian's life when she falls for a queer-curious woman who needs help to confront her fears, erase any introjected homophobia and misogyny and go down on her new girlfriend.

That’s exactly what proud Muslim lesbian artist Adena and bisexual Kat on hit American show The Bold Type are experiencing in the first episode of season 2 of the ground breaking show.

Last season, the bi-racial Kat was a self-proclaimed heterosexual before she fell for the out and proud Adena. This season she's learning to love like a lesbian. And while social media manager Kat has the public displays of affections and insta-official posts down, she hasn’t actually Gone Down on her girlfriend.

So what’s a lesbian to do? Talk about it of course.

“Kat, it’s ok. We are still new to this. I didn’t want to push you to something that you weren’t ready to do or didn’t want to do,” says the very supportive Adena.

“Oh no, no, it’s not that. I’m so attracted to you. But I guess I was a little worried, scared,” replies Kat.

“It’s cunnilingus. The last frontier,” answers  Adena. “It’s not even the act that matters. It’s you and me being able to have these conversations. Talking about it is the most intimate thing …This is what matters.”

Queue Adena orgasm.




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