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Ellen Page Stars In Lesbian Live Reading Of Casablanca

So how does this sound for a Thursday night? Ellen Page, Hannah Gadsby, Kiersey Clemons, Indya Moore, Emily Hampshire, Olivia Wilde and Kate Moennig are turning the classic 1942 movie Casablanca into a lesbian love triangle, in a live read on the 13th December at the Ace Hotel in LA.

The event is organised by filmmaker Jason Reitman, who has staged a series of live reads of famous films over the years, using high profile actors to approach iconic scripts from a modern angle.

Page first worked with Reitman when she starred in his 2007 film Juno and has joined live reads before, memorably playing Hans Solo in a table read of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

This time she takes on the iconic role of Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart in the movie, and gets to mumble lines like: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” And “Here's looking at you kid." Possibly while wearing a fedora hat and drinking excessively.

Queer actress Kiersey Clemons will take on Ingrid Bergman’s role as Ilsa Lund, so she gets to adopt a Swedish accent and murmur sadly: “Play it once Sam, for old time's sake. Play it Sam. Play As time Goes By. LGBTI ally Olivia Wilde will play Ilsa’s husband, freedom fighter Victor Laszlo, so she just has to look serious most of the time.

Trans actress Indya Moore takes the pivotal role of Carl the waiter while Hannah Gadsby will have fun as the two-faced Captain Renault and Emily Hampshire - who is engaged to transgender singer Teddy Geiger - plays Signore Ugarte.

Kate Moennig hasn't announced what role she will be taking on, but is possibly playing Sam the piano player. Let’s be honest though, she doesn’t really need to say anything. Everyone will just be excited that she turned up.

“Casablanca is a unique love triangle, and the story of a love that cannot be. Performing it in this new way gives that story an unexpected new dimension,” said Reitman.

Gadsby summed the evening up best when she announced that she’s taking part.

“It’s basically the queer lady mafia doing the Casablanca.”

All proceeds from the event at the theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA will go to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, which works exclusively to advance LGBTI civil rights around the world.

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