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Watch Ellen’s Stand Up Special Trailer And Her Hilarious Anniversary Fail

Ellen DeGeneres is returning to stand up comedy after a 15 year hiatus with a special called Relatable, which streams on Netflix from December 18.

The megastar began her career as a stand up comedian and her 2001 and 2003 stand-up specials for HBO were nominated for multiple Emmy awards. In May last year she announced a deal with Netflix worth approximately $20 million to produce one stand-up show. In August this year she headed out on a three city tour, performing in San Diego before heading to San Francisco and finishing with the taping of the Netflix show at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

In the show she revisits the road she travelled to superstardom, sharing the heartfelt and hilarious lessons she’s learned along the way.

On Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen shared the most recent lesson she’s learned – that sometimes size really does matter.

Last Saturday she marked the 15th anniversary of her first date with wife Portia by hiring a plane to fly past the house with a banner that read "15" with a love heart. There was one large problem with the touching gesture though - the banner was too small for Portia to see.

“I should have specified exactly what size because here comes the plane and I think you see the plane but you cannot see the banner,” Ellen told the audience as she played them the video of the romantic fail.

“I was really trying to be cool about it, just being out on the deck and I was like “Oh what’s that?” and she’s like ‘“It’s a plane.”’

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