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Hannah Gadsby Wows Viewers At The Emmys

Image: Screenshot The Guardian YouTube

Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby is receiving rave reviews for her speech at the Emmys on Monday night.

Gadsby presented the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and used the opportunity to hilariously take down the men who criticised her stand-up show Nanette, which premiered on Netflix in June.

In the months after the intense and riveting Nanette was released, it became a smash hit and broke Gadsby in the United States. However, the angry content about homophobia and sexual violence and Gadsby’s comedy style caused the out lesbian to receive a severe backlash from male comedians.

Emmy’s cohost Michael Che was one of the comedians who criticised Gadsby. Denying ever seeing the show, he posted on Instagram that dark, confessional stories presented without punch lines should not count as stand-up.

Gadsby opened her Emmys monologue by saying “This is not normal? The world’s gone a bit crazy. I mean, for somebody like me—a nobody, from nowhere—gets this sweet gig, free suit, new boots, just cause I don’t like men?”

“That’s a joke, of course. Just jokes, fellas, calm down. Hashtag NotAllMen, but a lot of them."

“No, it is just jokes, but what are jokes these days? We don’t know. Nobody knows what jokes are. Especially not men!”

“Am I right, fellas? That’s why I’m presenting alone,” she added.

After opening the envelope and announcing Stephen Daldry as the award winner, Gadsby said “Of course, Stephen could not be with us tonight to accept the Emmy on his own behalf… cause of… probably me. So I think I’ll just leave now and… Well done him!”

TV critics and viewers were quick to tweet their support for Gadsby, with many wondering why she wasn’t chosen to host the event and others requesting that she get the job next year.

“Move to restart this telecast with Hannah Gadsby hosting?” tweeted The Hollywood Reporter television critic Daniel Fienberg.

“Why didn’t Hannah Gadsby host the Emmys? Why oh why did they choose a warm bowl of oatmeal instead?” Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz tweeted, one of many viewers who criticised co-hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost from Saturday Night Live.

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