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Be Out And Proud With These Queer Positive Tshirts And Totes

Be out and proud with these cute and funny queer-themed slogan t-shirts and totes from N.A.S tee.

Queer UK psychologist Rosie came up with the idea of creating LGBT+ themed t-shirts and tote bags as a creative distraction from the stress of her PhD thesis and with a pile of t-shirts sitting in her bedroom, she set up an ETSY shop to cover the costs.

Image: Rosie modelling her "Too Cute For The Closet" t-shirt

“I know for me, as someone who only came out a few years ago, creating N.A.S tee has been huge in helping me working out my identity and what I want in life,” says Rosie, who came out at 25 after a long relationship with a man.

"That was a little confusing for both myself and people around me. You hear a lot of messages about people “always knowing” and I know that’s the case for many people, but it wasn’t for me. It felt like it was quite a sudden realisation and that was, and is, still a bit confusing."

With slogans like Queer Cutie, Too Cute For The Closet and Lesbian Drama and the adorable rainbow packaging the products arrive in, within weeks of setting up the online shop and Instagram Rosie was connecting with queer people around the world who find her products an uplifting source of self-love during their own confusing journeys towards self-acceptance.

“I began to receive messages from all these incredible people: people who are out but shy, not out but love seeing pictures filled with queer positivity, and even messages from people who had used my t-shirts to come out to their friends and family.”

Rosie is now in "a relationship with the most amazing woman who makes me laugh about 100 times a day. She’ll definitely be embarrassed if she reads this, but she really is the best." And while N.A.S tee is currently a sideline to her studies, Rosie has longer term plans to grow it into a viable business that supports LGBT+ charities and represents all LGBT+ identities.

Head to the Not Another Slogan Etsy shop to make your order and follow Rosie on Instagram for a sprinkling of LGBT+ sunshine in your feed.

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