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This Lesbian Couple's IVF Baby Photo Has Gone Viral

This photo of newborn IVF baby London has gone viral

Image Credit: Packer Family Photography Facebook

Adorable baby London O’Neill was born to parents Patricia, 30 and Kimberly O’Neill, 37, after four long years of IVF treatment. The couple decided to commemorate her birth with a photo showing the 1616 IVF needles that were used during their emotional battle to conceive.

The O’Neills, who are from Arizona, asked Samantha Packer from Packer Family Photography to design and take the photo and it has since gone viral on Facebook, with 65,000 shares to date and 5600 comments.

“It’s inspiring to hear other women sharing their stories on a topic that’s kind of taboo,” Patricia told PEOPLE. “It’s been great to see some women that are like, ‘You’re giving us hope to get through this.’ Because you truly need that.”

Patricia and Kimberly have a child each from previous relationships. They decided they wanted a child together and that Patricia would be the one to give birth. However, several medical complications made it difficult for her to carry a child to term.

Talking to 3TV Arizona about her IVF experience, Patricia said "You think, 'Oh I’m going to walk in and they’re going to do it and it’ll be done, and in nine months we’re going to hold our baby.'" Instead, she endured fertility treatment and seven IVF rounds over four years, suffering two miscarriages in 2016 and another one in 2017.

Kimberley and Patricia O'Neill with baby IVF baby London.

Image: Screenshot Patricia and Kimberly O'Neill on 3TV Arizona with baby London.

Patricia was ready to give up and had to be convinced by her wife and mother to have the last embryo implanted. "I was done poking myself, I was done with the emotional roller coaster," she told 3TV.

The pregnancy was a stressful time for the couple. “We held our breath. It was very scary. Throughout the pregnancy, we were always on the edge of our seat," Patricia told PEOPLE.

And then baby London was born via C section on August 3.

“When we heard her cry, we both looked at each other and started crying,” Patricia told PEOPLE. “I was shaking and crying so hard. It was an overwhelming feeling of relief. She’s here. It was a lot of emotions for us all at once. It’s still unreal to me that we finally have our baby. We actually made it here.”

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