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Madge Turns 60, Sarah Paulson Is An Esquire Maverick And Amandla Stenberg Covers Out Mag

Image Credit: Madonna celebrating her 60th birthday in Marrakesh, Morocco. Courtesy Madonna Instagram


Gay icon Madonna turns 60 on August 16th and she’s happily celebrating the big event in Marrakesh, Morocco. Madonna rose to fame in the 80s, a time when women’s sexuality was taboo and the AIDS crisis made gay men pariahs. The world didn't know what hit it when Madonna stormed out on the international stage and attempted to change all that. Her impact on society and pop culture is profound and she's considered the most iconic and influential recording artist of all time.

Madonna’s message of female empowerment, women’s sexual freedom and her disrespect for the Catholic religion she was raised in has caused controversy ever since she rolled around the stage performing Like A Virgin at the 1984 VMAS. Her 1989 music video, Like A Prayer, was banned in Italy and condemned by the Vatican, which has accused her of blasphemy several times since.

Madonna celebrating her 60th birthday in Morocco.

Image Credit: Madonna celebrating her 60th birthday in Marrakesh, Morocco. Courtesy Madonna Instagram

She was slut shammed by a hysterical media for erotic coffee table book Sex, which explored her sexual fantasies and accompanied the much criticised 1992 album Erotica. However, in the decades since, Sex has become lauded as a post-feminist work of art and is still the fastest ever selling coffee table book.

The cover of Madonna's controversial book SEX.

Image: The cover of Madonna's controversial 1992 coffee table book SEX.

As a teenager, Madge was introduced to the LGBT community by her gay dance instructor Christopher Flynn. She has since spoken of the profound effect he had on her, supporting and accepting the fiercely ambitious young girl and pushing her to pursue her career. He died of AIDS in 1990.

For her entire public life, Madonna has used her art and platform to advocate for the LGBT community. Just to name a few examples, her Open Your Heart video featured a lesbian drag king and gay sailors, she bought queer ballroom 'Voguing' to mainstream attention in 1990 and proudly featured her gay backup dancers in the documentary In Bed With Madonna.

Since the height of the AIDS crisis in the 80s, Madonna has fought for AIDS and HIV sufferers to be treated with respect. Many of her friends have since died from the disease and she has spent her career on a very personal crusade to find a cure. She has advocated for marriage equality and on many occasions has called out homophobia and criticised discrimination against the LGBT community in different parts of the world. And she paved the way for every female performer who’s come after her to express themselves. Happy birthday Madge!!!

Read about the very personal impact Madonna has had on one man who grew up gay in the 80s.

Sarah Paulson

In other news, Esquire men's magazine has featured Sarah Paulson as the only woman in their 2018 Mavericks Of Style feature, which is their “annual celebration of those who aren't afraid to go against the grain.”

The 43 year old actress is celebrated for her incredible body of acting work and her red carpet style, which Esquire says is “shaking up Hollywood’s predictable fashion scene.”

Sarah Paulson features in Esquire magazine's 2018 Mavericks Of Style feature.

Image: Screenshot

Amandla Stenberg

19 year old Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, who came out as gay in June, is featured on the cover of Out magazine this month.

“I can’t live an existence where I’m not myself,” she told the magazine of her decision to come out. “Life is too short.”

“Had I not been open about who I am, I wouldn’t have been able to find the pride and the joy in it that I feel now.”

Read more from Amandla Stenberg in Out magazine.

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