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The Taste Of Her Volume 2, New Pride App, Sad Femme Series And More

The Taste Of Her Volume 2 - Jess Lea

Melbourne author Jess Lea is back with part 2 of her lesbian erotica short story anthology, The Taste Of Her.

This volume contains five erotic short stories featuring beautifully drawn, detailed characters. And just like the first book, the setting is key. Once again, Lea creates intricately detailed worlds and inhabits them with the dominant women she loves.

Like volume one, the sex is BDSM-light with some self-love thrown in, however while “volume 1 was heavy on the discipline, volume 2 brings new elements of intimacy and humour. There is desire and heat, but also tenderness, vulnerability and discovery,” says Lea.

“There is certainly an element of playing with dominance and power and rebellion. Sometimes this is very light hearted - as in Candy Topping - and sometimes it is a reaction to a destructive or stifling outside world, as in Last Stand. However for me personally, what's more important is the connection and comradeship of the characters. They give each other a lot beyond orgasms!”

This volume starts strong, with a backstage romp at a seedy pub in the 80s with a rock chick and a grateful groupie. Then Candy Topping hilariously skewers the Melbourne foodie scene and the wankers who inhabit it.

A Different View, about a closeted basketball player forced to play dress-ups in a photo shoot is a timely read, while in Ephemera Lea writes a fantastically “difficult” woman and delivers a deeply erotic experience.

The Last Stand provides a powerful ending. The only story with a true love connection, it leaves you wanting to know what’s next for the Colonel and her great love, Esperanza.

Click here to buy The Taste Of Her Volume 2

Pride:LGBTQ & Gender Community App

the new Pride app for the LGBT+ community helps you find your community.

This first of its kind iPhone app creates an inclusive community where you can share your experience with gender and sexuality, connect with like-minded people and learn more about our wonderful LGBT+ world.

Share your personal story on the new Pride app.

It's very simple to use, is free, looks great and is particularly helpful for curious and questioning LGBT+ people to read other people’s stories and learn about themselves in the process. You can learn about new genders, join forums based around a single gender or sexuality, read about other people’s experiences with gender and sexuality, share your own story and comment and like other people’s posts just as you would on Facebook.

If you have an iPhone you can download the app here.

Feedspot Blog Reader

Feedspot Blog Reader has released its list of the Top 100 Lesbian Blogs And Websites For The LGBTQI Community In 2018 (and yes, we’re on it.) Feedspot lets you keep up with all of your favorite websites in one place. You can subscribe to the websites you want to keep track of and you’ll receive their latest articles straight to your inbox.

Sad Femme Web Series Is Crowd Funding

Sad Femme is a groundbreaking new web series written by Matt Zook which explores millennial life in New York City. It centres around Madison, a femme genderqueer person who is heartbroken after a recent break up and features a diverse bunch of women, queer people, people of color, and trans people in the cast and crew. Matt's work is fresh, funny, poignant and for anyone who wants to break free from restrictive gender stereotypes. Head to the Sad Femme Series Indigogo page to donate and follow @sadfemmeseries on their social channels.

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