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New Inclusive Parking Spots For Same-Sex Families Revealed

Volvo and Westfiled London have re-designed the family parking icons to reflect the diverse nature of modern families.

Volvo UK celebrated Pride by re-designing family parking space icons at Westfield London last weekend. The icons now show same-sex parents, step-parent families, single-parents and other non-traditional family units to coincide with the release of the Swedish car-maker's new V60 Station Wagon advertising campaign.

Westfield London now features inclusive family parking icons.

Mike Johnstone, marketing strategy director of Volvo Car UK, said “The introduction of the new V60 gives us the ideal opportunity to celebrate the modern family in all its guises. As the contemporary iteration of our mid-sized family estate, the V60 perfectly reflects our human-centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners’ lives easier and safer.”

With 65% of UK families now being non-traditional, the advertising campaign for the new Volvo V60 celebrates the “rich diversity of the modern family,” with an inclusive ad campaign for everyone except two women and a high-maintenance French Bulldog.

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