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Watch These Proud Dads Surprise Their Kids For Dublin Pride

Dublin Bus has released a beautiful video featuring four dads surprising their children by picking them up in a Pride bus and accompanying them to Dublin Pride. The parade was held on June 30.

The video begins with a bus driver who has worked for the company since 1982. “We’re going to pick up people for Pride parade” he explains. “We’re going to have proud fathers on the bus.”

“You wouldn’t for a million years get me to sit down with a shirt like this,” laughs a dad who has two gay sons and is celebrating pride with a bright chequered shirt and rainbow braces. “And as for the braces, no chance!"

“It’s probably a thing that I wouldn’t go to but I think we shouldn’t be closed to ideas like that,” says a dad whose daughter has just come out.

Liam gets the shock of his life when his dad turns up at the front door in a rainbow jacket and matching tie.

Maya jumps into her father’s arms when he surprises her at the bus stop.

And the dad with two gay sons is so proud he’ll make you cry. “Any father would be delighted to have a gay son but to have two! I’d impress anybody with that story.”

The final dad has a transgender son. “Eight months ago she told us she was going to be trans,” he says “and two months ago she said she was going to change her name to Michael. From now on she is going to be he.”

Just like that.

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