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Ivanka Trump Donated Money To Help Immigrant Children To Anti-LGBT Church

Image: Ivanka Trump Facebook

There are multiple organisations in the U.S who are working to help immigrant children separated from their parents under Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy on immigrants at the border.

Of all of these groups, Ivanka Trump chose to donate $50,000 to the anti-LGBT Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas.

Whilst the Church takes a compassionate view towards the families who are suffering because of the separations, their policy on LGBT people is anything but.

“God deliver us from evil,” tweeted pastor Dr Jack Graham after the 2015 Supreme Court decision that brought marriage equality to the country.

In his response to the Supreme Court decision, Graham wrote that “The biblical design of marriage is clear: a man and a woman living and loving together in a monogamous relationship in the image of God. Today, same-sex marriage is at the forefront of the fight for the biblical family. Gay marriage violates God’s standard and is outside God’s plan for men and women.”

Marriage equality, he said, had “set a course for disaster in our beloved nation and there seems to be no turning back.”

However, he urged his congregation to continue the fight, telling them to “Remember, the battle is the Lord’s. When we look to Him for help, He will deliver us from evil."

The church website dedicates an entire page called Homelife to "sexual wholeness," where it states that that hormonal changes during puberty can cause some short-term sexual identity issues which would naturally resolve without the interference of adults with a political agenda.

“Far too many adolescents listen to peers, the media, and even authority figures pushing them to “come out” or declare themselves to be something other than what God made them to be. This can trap them in the mistaken idea that one’s desires (even if short-term) dictate one’s identity.”

Trump made the donation last week, when she was facing a wave of criticism for not publicly condemning the family separations and before the policy was changed from separating families to locking them up together indefinitely.

The pastor thanked Trump for her donation during last Sunday's church service.

"I've had the opportunity to meet with Ivanka Trump a number of times over the last year, and I've been struck by her kindness and concern for those in need," Christian website CBN News reported him telling the congregation.

"So, it wasn't that surprising to know she would want to help these families. But I certainly never expected to hear from her after a simple tweet."

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