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Watch Hayley Kiyoko And Kehlani Run Away Together In ‘What I Need’ Music Video

Hayley Kiyoko is the 26 year old American singer-songwriter, director, actress and dancer who has become a lesbian icon called “Lesbian Jesus” by her devoted fans.

On March 30 she released her first full-length studio album, Expectations, featuring electropop songs focussed on same-sex love. Kiyoko directs all of her videos and is determined to normalize same-sex relationships and help young queer kids see a positive future for themselves.

Her latest single is “What I Need," featuring 23 year old singer, songwriter and dancer Kehlani, who came out in April. Kehlani identifies as queer because gay "always insisted there was still a line drawn as to which 'label' of human I was attracted." She is in a relationship with artist Shaina Negron who inspired the single “Honey," which Kehlani released in December.

On Instagram Kehlani explained the casting of an androgynous actress in the Honey music video: "This song was inspired by an androgynous woman, and I wanted to find someone who fell in line with that, who was 'hard' yet so so soft (yes, like a bee). I was asked 'why not use a feminine girl? ,' but I knew I wanted to honor the inspiration, and paint the picture of the sweet tender aspect that shines through every woman, no matter what.” Kehlani wrote on Instagram.

In the video for ‘What I Need,’ Kiyoko and Kehlani play child-hood friends who run away together after Kehlani has an explosive fight with her aunt who is worried about the relationship between the two girls. The friends take a road trip and their relationship develops from platonic to passionate.

This video is for anyone who has had a crush on her childhood best friend…

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