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Watch Time For Love, The Powerful Short Film About Casual Homophobia

2o year old Scottish artist Sean Lìonadh was walking hand in hand with his boyfriend in Glasgow when a passer by told him “I’ve got nothing against gays, but do you have to do it in front of my kids?”

The confrontation put Lìonadh into a state of what he describes as "arresting helplessness."

“Other people have the luxury of fitting in to conventions; I felt shame," he told BBC Scotland. "Who do I complain to? And how can I share this experience in a way that’s accessible, not pretentious?”

The poet, artist and filmmaker decided to use this experience as inspiration for his poem Time For Love, which explores modern day homophobia and the concept of normality. Lìonadh has turned the poem into a stunningly powerful short film for BBC The Social and if you’ve ever encountered casual homophobia when holding hands with your partner, then you should watch it now...

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