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The Fun Couple's Workout You Can Do At Home

Personal Tranier Eleonora Celada and Karolina Kralj exercising together, doing Eleonora's couple's workout.

Photo Credit: Alex Conte. Personal Trainer Eleonora Celada (left) and Karolina Kralj.

Sick of sitting on the sofa with your partner and talking about your feelings? Then why not get in some quality time together with a couple’s workout instead? Research shows that training with someone helps you to achieve more from your exercise. Working out with your partner helps you to release more endorphins, ignites the sexual spark between you and creates fun bonding time. So, if you’re both already fit, give this advanced workout by personal trainer Eleonora Celada a go. You’ll need to work together as a team and challenge each other to improve.

If you’re new to exercise, don’t attempt this routine, your easier version is on its way…

Start by doing each of these exercises for 30 seconds at a time and build up to doing them for 60 seconds. Do three repetitions of each exercise and remember not to rush through them.

Sit Ups

Partner One: lie flat on the ground with knees bent in a sit-up position and legs slightly apart. Partner Two: start in the sitting position facing Partner One with legs bent. Hold hands and use your core to sit up and roll down slowly without pushing or pulling each other.


Face your partner and hold each other’s hands. Using your core, slowly descend into a one-legged lunge position while maintaining eye contact with your partner. Don’t over-extend the leg. Push with the front heel and squeeze your glutes when rising and keep your elbows close to your ribs.

Push Up/Planks

Partner One: lie on the floor keeping your legs straight, core strong and arms out in front of you. Partner Two: stand in a plank position and grasp Partner One’s hands to do a standing plank with straight arms. Keep strong control of the core and squeeze your glutes. Partner Two: keep your elbows near your body and push from the shoulder into a strong push up, keeping the line straight. Maintain eye contact.

Koala Squats

Partner One: stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and toes slightly turned out. Partner Two: jump on Partner One’s back and wrap your legs around Partner One’s waist in a koala hold. Partner One: keep your chest up and eyes forward. Breathe in, hinge your back and descend into a squat position, keeping your back straight. Make sure your spine stays in a neutral position and push through your heels to straighten your legs, hips and knees. You should not feel a strain in your back whilst doing this exercise.

Tricep Dips

Partner One: sit on a chair. Keep your arms and core strong and slide your bottom off the chair. Partner Two: sit in Partner One’s lap, facing Partner One and keeping your legs straight. Partner One: open your shoulders, keep your arms and core strong, legs apart and dip, squeezing your glutes. Partner Two: use your core to keep upright and lean further back to work your core harder.

Floor Core/Aerials

Partner One: lie on the floor while Partner Two stands facing you. Hold Partner Two’s hands and bend your legs and place them on Partner Two’s hips. Keep your core and arms strong and lift Partner Two into the air. Partner Two: use your core and glutes to find balance and streamline your position. Once secure, use your abductors to open and close your legs. Partner One: use your glutes, hamstrings and abs for balance and keep your legs strong.

Eleonora Celada is an ex-professional swimmer, swimming coach, personal trainer and fitness model. She has a Bachelor of Sports Science And Human Movement and lives between Melbourne and Milan. Follow her on Instagram or email her at

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