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Julian P Bloom From 22 The Project Dies At 40

Julian P Bloom from 22 The Project has died at 40 from brain cancer.

Fleur Pierets (left) and her wife Julian P Bloom, who died of brain cancer age 40.

Julian P Bloom from marriage equality project 22 has died in Paris after a short battle with brain cancer. She was 40. Her wife and artistic partner Fleur Pierets announced the news on her Facebook page last week. Julian was cremated in France on January 23rd.

For 22, the couple known professionally as JF. Pierets were symbolically marrying 24 times, once in each of the countries that has achieved marriage equality. The aim was to celebrate the places that have legalised same-sex marriage and highlight the work that needs to be done in the 170 countries that don’t. They legally wed in the United States and symbolically married in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Julian fought breast cancer in 2016, felt ill after their Paris wedding last November and was told she has numerous tumors in her brain and around her heart, which had possibly gone unnoticed for the past 10 years. Soon after the brain cancer diagnosis she lost her ability to read and speak and started losing her memory. Fleur announced the heartbreaking diagnosis on Facebook.

Fleur Pierets announced her wife Julian's battle with brain cancer on Facebook.

Fleur announced Julian's passing in a Facebook post on January 23, writing that “Tomorrow at 11 o’clock my beautiful Julian, the love of my life will be cremated. In a little village in France where she felt ‘a bit dizzy’ only 2 months ago. Where our life changed forever.”

"I know our friends understand my need to do this alone, however I would like to ask you to think about her. At 11 o'clock. And to wish her a safe journey. I'll be listening to the song that always reminded her of me. But the first time ever I saw her face, it was like somebody switched on the light. Now there's only darkness, silence and a devastating loneliness."

Fleur added a link to the George Michael song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Julian wanted Fleur to finish '22', which was originally planned as 24 weddings and an art installation and documentary. More details to come about how Fleur plans to honour Julian with the project.

Julian P Bloom from marriage equality project 22 has died of brain cancer at 40.

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