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Marriage Equality Passes The Senate Without Conservative Amendments

The Australian Senate erupted with applause after it voted Yes to marriage equality without conservative amendments.

On Wednesday the Senate passed marriage equality 43 votes to 12, with Labor, the Greens, the Nick Xenaphon Team and Liberal marriage equality supporters voting down conservative amendments aimed at weakening discrimination protections.

The Senate chamber erupted with applause after the historic vote, with Senators hugging and crying.

"This is the Senate's day," said Liberal senator Dean Smith, whose bill was being debated. "This is a demonstration that working across the chamber ... does deliver not just good outcomes but fantastic outcomes."

Attorney-General George Brandis said he was "so proud of Australian democracy today, more proud than I have ever been" and called it a day to "rejoice in what the Australian people achieved this year.” “Nobody owns this result but the Australian people themselves," he said.

Penny Wong said of the win that "It says to so many Australians: this Parliament, this country, accept you for who you are. Your love is not lesser and nor are you. It says you are one of us.” Conservatives in the Coalition government are furious with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the result, with Nationals MP Andrew Broad telling ABC radio that "there's been a complete lack of leadership."

"I had a private conversation with the Prime Minister where I said, 'Have you sat down and got Trevor Evans, Warren Entsch, Dean Smith – people on the "yes" (side) – and put them in the room with Eric Abetz, Andrew Hastie and people on the "no" side? And come up with a piece of legislation that is Coalition legislation?'" Asked about Turnbull's future as Prime Minister, Broad replied, "Well, that's a decision for the Liberal Party, I'm a National Party. But I'm making the point, it's a clear failure of leadership ... I just think (there is) backbench disappointment, frankly."

Broad told ABC radio that there’s no point in conservatives moving further amendments next week, when the bill goes to the Lower House for debate. "It's kind of a done deal, because if they did get up they'd go back to the Senate and get knocked over," he said. #LoveWins

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