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Love Wins As Australia Votes Yes To Marriage Equality!

Australia has voted Yes to marriage equality in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

Australia has voted YES to marriage equality in the same-sex marriage postal survey. The survey results were announced in a press conference at 10am and posted on the Australian Bureau Of Statistics website. The results were YES 61.6% and No 38.4%. Prime Minister Turnbull has done a deal with the cross bench, the Greens and Labor to debate the cross-party marriage equality bill written by Liberal Senator Dean Smith and supported by Labor. He has rejected Senator James Paterson's alternate bill which legislates discrimination and is supported by marriage equality opponents in the Liberal party. Turnbull is promising that we will see "parliament at its best" during the marriage equality legislation debate, however conservatives in his party are determined to make legislating equality protracted and painful. But regardless of the fight to come, today is for celebrating and for thanking everyone who has worked tirelessly over many years to see this result realized. So thankyou to the teams at The Equality Campaign, Australian Marriage Equality, Just.Equal, Get Up, PFlag andEqual Love, to name a few. And thank you for your tireless work to just a few of the people who have dedicated themselves to ensuring Love Wins: Rodney Croome, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, Alex Greenwich, Tiernan Brady, Sally Rugg, Anna Brown and Ali Hogg. Thank you to everyone who attended rallies, joined phone banks, knocked on doors and urged their friends and family to post their Yes. And to everyone who voted for equality, THANK YOU!

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