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Watch The Adorable Video For Marriage Equality Song "Love Is Love" By Leela Varghese

Real life lesbian couple Grace Mitchell and Alyssia Ciccarello star in the video for marriage equality song "Love Is Love."

Meet singer, songwriter, guitarist, TV presenter and passionate marriage equality supporter, Leela Varghese. Leela wanted to put something happy and beautiful out in the world during this vile same-sex marriage postal survey time, so she wrote #VoteYes song "Love Is Love," with a very simple message:

Love is love whether you're gay or straight It's just common knowledge it's not up for debate And nobody should ever have to wait To be able to marry their soul mate

"I'm passionate about marriage equality because love is probably the best thing that exists in the world. To deny two people the right to celebrate that is heartbreaking," says Leela.

"But it’s also just about equality and making sure every couple that wants to commit to each other has the same legal rights that you get when you’re married! It’s just a no brainer and a huge YES from me."

Real life boyfriends Lachy Barnett and Alex McAuley star in the video for Leela Varghese's marriage equality song "Love Is Love."

Leela grew up in Bundaberg in Queensland, has a degree in Film, TV and new media and directed the video for Love Is Love herself.

"Directing this was so amazing. I could see it in my head and somehow it came to life just as I thought it would. The director of photography James Ward-Miller and his lighting assistants Kadison Noack and Tim Carlier did this with a very small budget, very little time but with a lot of talent."

Shot in Adelaide where Leela is currently living, the video features real life lesbian couple Grace Mitchell and Alyssia Ciccarello and boyfriends Lachy Barnett and Alex McAuley. Leela says the couples "were even cuter when the cameras weren’t rolling, can you believe?" The cast made Leela's job as director easy "because they are real couples the chemistry was already there."

The video was shot at Adelaide cafe Bambi & Co and bar La Boheme, both of whom provided their venues for free.

Next up Leela is starting a band with her sister, with new music and videos to follow.

Watch the video on YouTube or below, share it around and remind your friends and family to follow Leela's lead and return their marriage equality postal surveys ASAP!

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