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The '22' Project Kicks Off With Lesbian Wedding Number One In New York

Lesbian couple and art duo JF. Pierets have launched their marriage equality art project 22, performing wedding number one in New York on Wednesday, September 20th.

22 celebrates the places that have legalised same-sex marriage and highlights the work that still needs to be done in the 170 countries that haven't, with 24 wedding performances in 24 countries over the next 18 months. At the end of the performance an art/video installation will be exhibited, accompanied by a book and documentary.

While organising one wedding is bad enough, planning 24 in different locations around the world is next level stress.

“Did I tell you that we’re inside some kind of logistic Kafka hell?” Said one half of the European couple, Fleur Pierets, from New York. “But hey, we’re having fun!”

After six months of pre-production “it was very emotional to finally start this project but it felt great.”

New York was an obvious choice for Fleur and partner of seven years, Julian P. Bloom, to begin their 22 adventure "since we not only love the city, but it also has the perfect vibe of possibilities and ambition to launch a project like this."

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in New York since 2011 and the city hosts an average of 170 weddings each day. A civil ceremony at City Hall usually takes one minute, but Fleur and Julian were lucky to be married by City Clerk himself Michael McSweeney, who “generously gave us a full 3 minute, powerful ceremony.”

“We felt like being in a movie when he stated “by the power vested in me."

And next up for the couple? “We’re staying in NY till October since we still have a lot of press and after that we’re flying to Amsterdam for wedding number 2. Meanwhile Paris is confirmed (wedding 4) and we started talking to Spain and Portugal…”

And hopefully Australia next year.

Lesbian art duo JF. Pierets after their first same-sex marriage performance in New York for '22' The Project

Lesbian art duo Fleur Pierets & Julian P Bloom performing wedding no 1 in New York for marriage equality celebration '22' The Project

Lesbian art duo JF. Pierets after kicking if off their marriage equality project '22' with wedding no 1 in New York.

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