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Watch: Ep 2 of Lesbian Web Series ‘Back To Goode’ Guest Stars Wentworth’s Leanne Campbell & Kath

Alex & Zoey from Melbourne's own lesbian web series, Back To Goode

Need a break from the ‘debate?' Then watch episode two of Melbourne’s own lesbian web series Back To Goode.

Wentworth’s Katherine Grinlaw guest stars as the mysterious Sketch, while fellow Wentworth inmate Leanne Campbell is hilarious as Ria the goddess earth mother. Ria runs a weekend goddess circle where you can 'cleanse your heart and soul' and ‘be at one with your sisters and mother earth.’

Zoey chooses the goddess circle as the place she’ll be at one with Brenda, the weekend fling she met online. This episode deals with heavy themes around infidelity, betrayal and abuse as Zoey seems determinedly indifferent to the effect her need for an open relationship is having on girlfriend Alex.

Writer/producer Lisa Habermann balances the drama with a hearty dose of humour, courtesy of the goddess circle scene, which was Habermann's favourite to write. Habermann gave the "naturally hilarious" Campbell the space to ad lib, which resulted in some seriously funny goddess-style psychobabble.

cast of lesbian web series Back To Goode freezing in wintery Daylesford Victoria

Actors Georgina Jones (Zoey), Lydia Fay (Brenda), Leanne Campbell and Katherine Grinlaw probably didn't enjoy filming the scene as much as Lisa liked writing it, suffering for their art in wintery Daylesford.

Barry the barista makes an appearance, offering Zoey sage advice that she wilfully ignores and listening as she explains the after effects of the weekend's 'rowdy sex.'

We’ve all been there Zoey. Can totally relate.

Watch episode two here

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Wentworth's Katherine Grinlaw (left) and Leanne Campbell.

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