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Join The #PostYourYes Campaign & Urge Aussies To Vote Yes For Marriage Equality

Kirby gilchrist proposes to her girlfriend. Kirby is fighting for marriage equality in Australia and urging Aussies to #VoteYes so she can marry her fiance.

The same-sex marriage postal survey is upon us and Australian Marriage Equality wants marriage equality supporters to take some simple steps to get the Yes vote over the line. We all know haters are going to hate and we know what they're going to say, so AME is urging us to stop helping them make the news by reacting to their bile and join the #PostYourYes campaign instead.

"While they seek to mislead and dehumanise, we must get out the vote and put a face to who Australians will be voting for – every-day Australians who work hard, pay our taxes, and simply want to be able to marry the person we love, in the country we love," co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich, wrote for the Star Observer. "It’s clear our opponents will continue to provoke us, and then turn our reaction against us. Any time wasted on arguing with a hard-core opponent will cost us votes. Every minute spent urging a supporter to return their survey form delivers us much needed YES votes." "For many of us this has been a long journey. At this critical time, let’s stay focused on winning equality, and not let our opponents bait us into chasing them down rabbit holes of false claims and misleading arguments." Once you receive your survey form, tick Yes and share a photo of yourself posting it back on your social media channels, using the hashtag #PostYourYes. Make sure you don't photograph your individual bar code and urge your friends, neighbours, co-workers and family to do the same. Kirbie Gilchrist is a member of the LGBTI community doing a great job of asking Australians to vote Yes. She wrote an emotional and very shareable post on her Facebook titled "May I Please Marry My Fiancé?" "My call is to everyone who is unsure, indifferent, unaffected, don't care etc... Please vote yes! You are right, it probably won't affect you. If the law is changed you will wake up the next day and your life will be no different but mine will." "It will mean I can watch the love of my life walk down the aisle and say I do. It will mean I can sign a marriage certificate and have all the same legal rights and protections as other married couples." "It will change the lives of so many people wishing to do the same and are currently denied this equal opportunity. I also believe it will help improve the lives of young people in accepting themselves and others as we will be removing an aspect of the law that tells them their love, their relationship, is not equal."

Eddie Blewett is one of the young people for whom marriage equality matters. Eddie became the face of the marriage equality debate last year, when he came to parliament to ask the government to legalise same-sex marriage.

This week he returned to Canberra with his mums Claire and Neroli and made an emotional plea for people to vote Yes. "I feel like people aren't going to vote. I feel like they're going to throw their ballot papers in the bin," he said. "People are saying stuff about our families; they are saying we aren't normal, that we are second rate." “Don't listen. Be yourself. Vote yes."

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