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Turnbull & Shorten Campaign For Marriage Equality While Abbott Marries Himself In A Mural

Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull spent Sunday campaigning for the Yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey, while Tony Abbott married himself in a Sydney mural.

Over the weekend, Sydney graffiti artist Scott Marsh, who is famous for his Kanye Loves Kanye mural, created a new work depicting Tony Abbott in a suit and rainbow tie marrying another version of himself. Abbott the bride was dressed in a strapless ivory wedding dress and veil, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"When Tony Abbott released that video promoting the No vote, you could almost hear the whole country going, ‘what the f**k’", Marsh told Triple J Hack of the motivation behind the mural.

"I was hoping to find a wall in Manly to do (the mural) in his electorate. But unfortunately that was a lot harder to find. A lot of people generously offered up walls but they were a bit too small to do anything that had a bigger impact."

"So I’m here in Redfern, it’s been an awesome couple of days painting. I’ve been getting great responses from people, especially yesterday (Sunday) - I was just listening to people laugh and screech all day.”

The mural is at the corner of Pitt and Redfern Streets in Redfern, Sydney.

As the Liberals and Nationals for Yes campaign officially launched around the country on Sunday, Abbott’s nemesis, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, was a surprise speaker at the Sydney event. Having previously declined to campaign for the Yes vote, he was a last minute inclusion, alongside Tony Abbott’s lesbian sister, Christine Forster.

"This is a unique moment in our history,” Turnbull said of the postal poll. “It’s an opportunity to cast a democratic vote nationwide, to extend the right to marry to same-sex couples.”

Turnbull said he and his wife Lucy are voting yes because “fundamentally this is a question of fairness."

“This change has already happened around the world,” he said, listing the countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

“Now, in any one of those nations has the sky fallen in? Has life as we know it ground to a halt? Has traditional marriage been undermined? The answer is plainly no.”

Also in Sydney on Sunday, Opposition leader Bill Shorten headlined Australia’s largest ever rally for LGBTI rights, with an estimated 30,000 people marching through central Sydney.

“What the world needs, and what this country needs, is we need help to maintain families, we need help to raise children, and that is why we need marriage equality,” he told the crowd.

"I'm sorry that the Parliament has not already resolved this matter," he said.

"I'm sorry for all of the hurtful and stupid things which have been said and are going to be said until we win marriage equality."

"I'm sorry to all LBGTIQ Australians because we have one more mountain to climb, but we will climb it together."

Postal survey forms are now being mailed out, so check your mailbox and urge your family and friends to vote Yes and return their forms as soon as possible.

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