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Episode One Of Lesbian Web Series 'Back To Goode' Is Here

The cast of 'Back To Goode', Melbourne's own lesbian web series

Melbourne’s own lesbian web series 'Back To Goode' is here, with episode one now on YouTube.

In the first episode of this five-part series, lesbian couples Ellie and Vanessa and Alex and Zoey move back to the fictional Victorian country town of Goode. Evicted from their Melbourne apartment, Alex and Zoey open a barber shop in Goode and explore an open relationship. Ellie and Vanessa are in town for a fresh start after Vanessa ends an affair.

This passion project from writer/director, Lisa Habermann and producing partner Suzanne McKee is beautifully shot by director of photography, Hannah Palmer. With strong production values. the series showcases parts of Melbourne and the Victorian town of Daylesford, which doubles as Goode.

The moody, guitar heavy theme song is by Melbourne folk and jazz singer/songwriter, Michelle Chandler, with instrumental music by Bradley J Green and song 'Whiskey and Gin' by Melbourne indie folk singer/songwriter, Eaglemont.

Cat Kasey in ep 1 of lesbian web series 'Back To Goode'.

Habermann succeeds in bringing an authentically LGBTI feel to the piece. Actors Cat Kasey, Jeni Bezuidenhout, Suzanne McKee, Georgina Jones and Catherine Morvell do a great job of establishing the relationships, while Karina Sorelli brings the drama and mystery as Ellie’s ex, George.

Watch the show on YouTube and follow Back To Goode on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for behind the scenes photos, news and updates.

Lesbian couple Alex and Zoey from web series 'Back To Goode'.

Images: Martin Keep photography

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