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Meet TV’s Cutest Queer Couple: Kat And Adena From New US Drama 'The Bold Type'

New US drama series The Bold Type features a budding romance between a hijab-wearing Muslim lesbian and a bi-curious African American girl.

While Janet King is breaking up, #Kadena are hooking up on The Bold Type, the brand new drama series from Disney-ABC Freeform, the channel which airs The Fosters.

Created by Parenthood writer Sarah Watson, the show is based on the life of US Cosmopolitan magazine editor-in-chief, Joanna Cole. Set at fictional Scarlett magazine, the show revolves around the Manhattan lives of ambitious best friends and colleagues Jane, Kat and Sutton.

When self-proclaimed heterosexual Kat (Aisha Dee) meets proud Muslim lesbian artist Adena in the first episode, she’s forced to question her sexual identity. The only problem with their intense attraction is that Adena already has a girlfriend.

There’s no coming out drama in the story-line, with Kat comfortable discovering her sexuality and her friends fully supportive of her new crush.

Canadian actress Nikohl Boosheri plays recurring character, Adena El-Amin. Born to Iranian parents in Pakistan, she made her acting debut in 2011’s critically acclaimed lesbian movie, Circumstance. Adena played young Iranian lesbian, Atafeh, who is in love with her best friend, Shireen, and navigating life in repressive modern-day Iran.

The Bold Type is being praised for its feminist characters, supportive female friendships and responsible LGBTQ representation. Fingers crossed no lesbian or bi-curious characters get deported or run over by a wayward New York cab.

While we can’t see the show in Australia or New Zealand yet, we can watch some of the cute bits thanks to YouTube.

Photos courtesy of The Bold Type.

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