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Back To Goode... The New Lesbian Web Series We Need To See

Alex and her girlfriend Zoey from Melbourne's own lesbian web series Back To Goode.

Get excited Australia! There's a new lesbian web series coming to town...

Sydney has 'Starting From…Now!', the web series viewed in over 230 countries and at festivals around the world. And now it’s Melbourne’s turn with 'Back To Goode', the passion project from writer/director, Lisa Habermann and producing partner Suzanne McKee. Set in the fictional Victorian town of Goode, the five-part web series features two lesbian couples in their twenties who move to town. Academics Ellie and Vanessa opt for a tree change after Vanessa has an affair with street artist Reegan, and barbers Alex and Zoey move back after problems with their apartment in Melbourne. Being a lesbian series, there’s a love triangle and drama, courtesy of Reegan, who unexpectedly arrives in town. Then there's Ellie's butch ex, George, who lives in Paris and Barry the barista and his crush Stephen. “It started off as a TV series idea but then we got a good dose of reality and realised a web series was the way to go. Achievable. Affordable (well, sort of, we are actively crowdfunding now).” Says Lisa, who is still struggling to secure funding so filming can begin in July. Even with the professional cast and crew donating their time, it costs $1000 to produce each episode.

The cast of new Melbourne lesbian web series Back To Goode.

"I am lucky to have found so many people committed to this story and this project," says Lisa. "But I'm not silly - I know it's a one off. If we want another season, or multiple seasons, we need to be funded. It's only fair. Too much work in the independent screen industry is unpaid or self-funded. We are professional, tertiary trained people creating quality home grown content. We deserve to be paid." Growing up in regional NSW, Lisa didn't have lesbian role models and she strongly believes in the need for more diversity on screen. "...not just sexual diversity, but gender, ethnicity, attitudinal - it's important for people to see people like themselves represented in the stories we tell. The best way forward is to live our lives and to be proud of who we are and despite ultra conservatism in some arenas, I believe this is happening more and more and becoming more every day." The series will shoot in Melbourne and the spa town of Daylesford,one of Melbourne’s favourite weekend destinations and home to Chill Out, the biggest and longest-running Country Queer Pride event in regional Australia. Back To Goode stars Cat Kasey, Jeni Bezuidenhout, Suzanne McKee, Georgina Jones, Katherine Grinlaw and Leanne Campbell and is set for release in September this year. I think we all agree we need more lesbian content, so let's help get the show made! To donate, click here or support the girls on their Twitter, facebook and Instagram. Images: Martin Keep photography

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