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Dove #Realmoms Ad Features Trans Woman In Same Sex Relationship

Dove #RealMoms ad features a transgender woman and her female partner.

Dove launches their Dove Baby range in the USA and UK with a trans-inclusive ad campaign about #Realmoms. Personal care brand, Dove, prides itself on being "the home of real beauty," and their new ad campaign attempts to smash the myth of the perfect mum.

“Our film depicts a broad, inclusive portrait of modern parenthood that challenges the ‘perfect mum’ stereotype that does not reflect the reality of today’s mums,” a Dove spokeperson said. The video aims to “shatter stereotypes about motherhood and prove that there are no rules about how to be a parent today,” whilst urging mothers to trust themselves as the experts on their own children. Featuring six multicultural women raising their kids with diverse parenting styles, the film depicts a single mother, a stay at home mum, mothers with passions for dancing and rock climbing and a farming family. The truly groundbreaking couple in the campaign are Shea, a transgender graduate student and her female partner, both of whom are the biological parents of their newborn son. "You get people like 'What do you mean, you're the mum?' We're like 'Yep. We're both going to be mums,'" says Shea. So well done to Dove for the transgender twist on the two mums story-line and for showing women that, as Shea says, “there’s no one right way to do it all.”

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