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Until We All Belong, The New Marriage Equality Campaign By Airbnb

AirBNB's new Australian marriage equality campaign, Until We All Belong.

Tell The Government You Support Marriage Equality By Ordering Your Free 'Until We All Belong' Acceptance Ring. Last month the CEOs of 30 of Australia’s largest companies wrote an open letter to the Australian Prime Minister urging him to act quickly to “deliver civil marriage equality for every Australian so that our nation can move forward as a more inclusive place to live, work and play.”

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told them to stay out of the marriage equality debate and “stick to their knitting” instead. This week, Airbnb joined with Qantas, Google, ANZ, eBay, Foxtel, Fairfax Media and other high profile companies to launch the "Until We All Belong” campaign in collaboration with the Equality Campaign. Airbnb is asking Australians to support marriage equality by wearing a specially created acceptance ring until marriage equality becomes law in Australia. London-based, Australian international design superstar, Marc Newson, helped create the black metal ring that symbolises the gap in marriage equality and has the words "until we all belong" engraved on the interior. Airbnb has made the ring free of charge with standard shipping costs applying Australia wide, and has created ads in support of the campaign.

“Openness and belonging are at the heart of Airbnb. It’s at the core of what we do every day. We are committed to helping people belong no matter where they are in the world and strongly believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love,” said Airbnb CEO and Head of Community, Brian Chesky. "This is an opportunity for people to show their support for marriage equality, not just those within the LGBTQI+ community, but for anyone to make their support for a brother, sister, parent, friend or loved one known," he said. Qantas boarding passes are now being issued with the words “until we all belong” printed on them. The Turnbull government’s anti-equality crusader, Sentor Eric Abetz, criticised the campaign, saying "It's disappointing that certain CEOs are trying to establish their personal PC credentials rather than being fully focused on the interests of their shareholders," he told Fairfax Media. "I think Australians are getting fed up with some big business CEOs constantly trying to wave their PC credentials rather than getting on and delivering the services consumers expect at a reasonable price," he said, connecting marriage equality campaigns with job losses and price increases. In an interview with Samantha Maiden on Sky News on Tuesday Mr Abetz opened himself up to social media ridicule by implying that gay people can simply decide to become straight. "The reality is, and evidence has been given to Senate Committees, where people that have been in gay relationships have gone into heterosexual relationships and I believe that can happen courtesy of the evidence," he said. “All I seek, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask, is for a bit of balance in the reporting by Australia’s journalists of the actual evidence, the real evidence, that is given to some of these Senate Committees and I think we all know people that have been, if I can call it that, in a straight relationship who have gone on to be in a gay relationship and people then doing the opposite and the fact that both occur in society is an established fact and why we can’t report on the two way traffic is something that has bemused me somewhat and is indicative of a certain bias in the media that they only want one side of the equation spoken about.” Sydney Morning Herald columnist, Andrew P Street, responded by congratulating Mr Abetz on his passionate and unexpected advocacy for the bisexual community. “So it's refreshing and exciting to finally be able to praise him for his brave and, frankly, pioneering advocacy on the important issue of bisexual visibility.” “After all, if Eric Abetz can acknowledge and celebrate the legitimacy of "two way traffic" in the affairs of the heart, then presumably his support for marriage equality is just around the corner and finally we can put this silly using-human-happiness-as-a-weapon-in-a-pointless-culture-war nonsense behind us.” Order your acceptance ring. Fax your MP. Tell Malcolm Turnbull to grow a spine and allow a free vote on marriage equality.

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