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Ashley Judd performs epic "nasty woman" poem at the Women's March On Washington

It began in November as Hawaiian grandmother and former attorney Teresa Shook’s Facebook event inviting 40 of her friends to protest Donald Trump’s election win. On January 21, it became a record breaking world-wide day of action. It is estimated that around 5 million people participated in 673 women's marches in cities on all seven continents, peacefully protesting Donald Trump’s presidency and demanding equal rights for all.

Organisers say that around one million people attended the march in Washington D.C, which was designed as a “women-led movement bringing together people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations, disabilities and backgrounds in our nation’s capital…to affirm our shared humanity and pronounce our bold message of resistance and self-determination.” The organisers vision and principles for the march was broad and inclusive, highlighting social and human rights issues affecting women, including reproductive rights and women’s health, immigration reform, protections for Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, LGBTQIA rights, gender and racial inequities, workers' rights, immigration rights and environmental protections. One of the highlights of the Washington rally was the raw and angry spoken word poem performed by actress Ashley Judd. The poem was written by Nina Donovan, a 19 year old sociology major from Nashville, Tennessee, who wrote it after watching Trump call Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the final Presidential Debate in October. The Women’s March on Washington has now launched their new campaign,10 Actions For The First 100 Days, which aims to get people advocating for the issues they care about every 10 days. The first action is online now. The pink knitted ‘pussy hats’ worn by many of the protesters were provided by the pussy hat project.

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