Watch These Transgender Kids Receive Powerful Affirmations From Their Parents

Share the joy as these parents teach their transgender children the power of love. In December last year, Conde Nast’s The Scene released a video of seven fathers offering self-penned words of encouragement to their daughters. The project was inspired by a viral video of a dad using affirmations to motivate his daughter before school.

The second video in the series features five proud parents reading powerful affirmations to their transgender children. The project begins with one of the mothers explaining the process to her son. “Even if it doesn't feel true, remember that's what an affirmation is, we say something because we want to work on feeling good about ourselves, ok?" So grab the tissues, watch the video and repeat after me: “I am hope.” “I am loved deeply and unconditionally just as I am.” “I believe in acceptance for everyone.”

#TransgenderRights #TheScene #Affirmations

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