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Alex Conte is an Australian lesbian blogger who, in a previous life, studied acting and pretended to be straight in an attempt to secure roles. Angry at the lack of diversity on our screens, and accepting that her love of food meant she’d never truly be happy as an actress, she turned to writing instead.

Alex has been a regular contributor to Australian lesbian site Lotl.com, covering lesbian weddings, lifestyle and trending international LGBT news. Her articles also appear on American lesbian site Curvemag.com and she has written about Australian politics for Divamag.co.uk.

On this site, Alex brings you the global lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news that matters, supports the fight for marriage equality in Australia and covers lesbian related lifestyle, entertainment and pop culture.


Alex has just moved to Milan, Italy with her Italian wife and their needy French bulldog. Alex is a foodie who considers herself an exceptional cook.

Her wife does not.

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